Larry at work - welding tank

At Murphys we keep a warehouse of over 20,000 square feet full of new and rerun tri-cone drill bits. The sizes range from 215/16" to 36" in both steel tooth and TCI in all formations. We do our own custom re-tipping and cutting structure repair using only the finest materials

We are always happy to answer your questions about tri-cone drill bits. Feel free to contact our representatives anytime at 810.658.1554 or


Suppling the following drilling tools:

Carbide enforced milled tooth tricone bits
Tungsten carbide insert tricone bits
Polycrystalline Diamond cutter bits
Hole-opener reamer bits
3-4 wing blade bits
Many different types of custom manufactured rock bits


Serving the following industries since 1979:

Oil & Gas
Water well

It's no surprise that many of the World's most successful drillers are using Murphy's Bits.